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Micro Seiki AX-4G GUN METAL arm base.
For use with Micro Seiki DDX-1000, DQX-1000, DDX-1500, RX-3000, RX-1500, RB-1500, SX-1500, Full Choice Player 1500, RX-5000, SX-5000 Air, SX-8000, SX-5000 II and SX-8000 II turntable systems.

Match tonearms:
SME 3012, 3012 Series 2, 3012R, 3012R Special, 3012RG, 312, 312S, Series V-12, Series V-12 GP.
Ortofon RMG-309 Limited
Odyssey Engineering RP1-XG 12" long version

Info AX-Range Tonearm list