There are two possibilities:

1. Look at: (Very good solution; original repair parts; But optical the model changes)

2. Alternative:

It is nowadays almost impossible to replace original legs so you'll have to find an alternative.
The solution I found is in terms of sound and technique perfect and is a look alike of the original.

Look at the pictures and see what materials are used and on what models it's placed.

Picture 1 and 2 show the material; I bought wooden casters at the local tool shop and removed the rubbers. The rubber rings are mounted on Vibrapods. You have to buy the right Vibrapod for your Micro Seiki; there are 5 versions of the Vibrapod, each suitable for an certain weight.

Look at for the right ones.

Picture left show the reparation on BL-91, DDX-500 and DDQ-1000.

The procedure:

Unscrew the lower part of the legs. Remove the old cushion. Put away the screw for later use. Place the rubber ring on the Vibrapod. Use the screw to secure all. If the screw is too short use a longer one. If need be, use a small ring. Mount the new turntable leg under your Micro-Seiki.

Tip: the Vibrapods are very sticky! I use baby powder to avoid damages on table or Vibrapods.

Feet repair.