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By reproducing the RX-5000 we have decided to make a complete new Motor unit. Compared to the original the Motor unit it will look the same. Same measurements and color. All technical parts however are different. We had to, because the technic behind motor units has evolved over the years.
For making this motor unit we decided to work together with a specialized German company called “Sperling Audio” from Berlin.
If you want more info about these parts, please look here.

Parts shown below will be used in the new RY-5500 Motor Unit.

The motor-unit will be released in spring 2016. It can be ordered with a RY-5500 base.


The prototype RY-5500 made by Micro-Seiki.nl and powered by Sperling Audio will be present at the Analogue Audio Association show in Krefeld.

(Germany; 31-10-2015)


The prototype is now in use and works perfectly. (Better than my original)


The final version is in production now.