MB C-1 Dust Cover.

A co-production of Holland and Germany.
The MB (Multi Brand) C-1 dust cover is based on the world famous Micro Seiki C-1000 and C-853 dust covers.

The MB C-1 dust covers are handmade and have some big advantages like:

The standard dust cover is manufactured from high quality 5 mm clear Plexiglas (not Acrylic), Aluminum and Stainless steel. The height is adjustable by 1 cm to allow the cables.


External Measurements: 560 x 450 x 220 mm(WxDxH)

Internal Measurements: 550 x 440 x 220 mm (WxDxH)

Manual  –   More info: information@micro-seiki.nl

575,00 Euro
(Including Shipment)

More info regarding compatibility other Brand Turntables