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micro-seiki.nl “db’s Tribute”


Micro-Seiki.nl is proud to offer these beautiful Dust Covers.

Two Dust covers are an exact copy of the original. The other two are special developed versions.


Over dimensioned C-1000.
Can be used for a complete RX-5000. (Including Motor unit)

MB - C1

MB - stands for “Multi Brand”. So other brand Turntable can get their Dust cover.

The standard dust cover for:
DDX-1000, DQX-1000, DDX-1500, RX-1500, RB-1500, Full Choise player 1500 and SX-1500




The standard dust cover for:
RX-1500 G, RX-1500 VG, RX-1500 FVG, RX-1500 Full Choise, RX-3000, RX-5000, SX-1500, SX-5000 and SX-8000.

The standard dustcover for the DQX-500


C-500 - Dust cover C-1000 - Dust cover C-853 - Dust cover C-5000 - Dust cover MB C-1 - Dust cover