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In our program some Micro Seiki originals are reproduced.

These products are exactly copied from originals. Sometimes I get the measurements from other owners.

Exactly means:

All products come with an Operating Manual or Instruction Manual.

You can buy these products on this web site and sometimes at Ebay. Payments can be done with PayPal and Bank transfer.


All products are based on the originals we own. This means that you get a guaranteed 1 on 1 copy of the original.

This website is owned by www.micro-seiki.nl


Till now all products in our program have been copied from originals. After selling some of the reproduced items we buy another original. This bought original item is than examined. (weight, what material, measurements, etc.) All results are than put in several computer programs. (Programs for machines at the metal shop, for example) The first reproduced item will then be compared with the original again and then tested by two or more people.

If an original part has the name “Micro Seiki” on it, than this will not be copied. This is done so people can recognize the original. When everything is al wright the new reproduced Micro Seiki part will be released on Ebay and this Website.

New Products.

More products are going to be released. In 2016 we are going to release:

If you have suggestions for other products, please mail me.


After choosing a second Metal shop we now have a new and more efficient production. Also, prices for some products became lower.

You can order these products at: