Ring No.2

Yes. Micro Seiki made them already 25 years ago. But it was not for sale in every country.

We at Micro-Seiki.nl have two Platter Rings in our program.

Platter Ring No.2 is based on and looks like Platter Ring No.1.

I decided to make this version for RX-1500 owners who will not or cannot buy the expensive upgrades like a Gunmetal Platter and Platter Ring No.1. Those owners should have a chance to upgrade their beautiful RX-1500 to a much higher level to. This Platter Ring will do this job!

Platter Ring No.2 is made of Stainless Steel and weighs 2,95 kg's.

IMPORTANT: It can only be used on The RX-1500 with separated motor and the standard aluminum Platter!

 More info: information@micro-seiki.nl

515,00 Euro
(Platter Ring No.2; Including Shipment)