Platter RT-2000.

At first....

After buying an original RT-2000g we decided to copy the RT-2000. But, after studying the RT-2000 some problems came up. Gunmetal could not be bought in such large pieces and the hole in the middle was not easy to make. We decided to make the RT-2000 in Brass and after making several test pieces regarding the hole in the center we succeeded. The end result is breathtaking.

Standard. (Brass)

The standard Platter (RT-2000b) is a 1 on 1 copy of the original Micro-Seiki Platter RT-2000g. The dimensions and the weight are the same but not the material.

Stainless Steel.

The Stainless Steel version (RT-2000s) is the same as the Brass version. However, the price is higher. It takes almost twice the time to make it. Stainless Steel is much harder.

To be used on....

The standard and custom made Platter can be used as a replacement of the standard
RT-2000a Platter which is used on:

The RT-2000 includes two Handles.

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1625,00 Euro
(Stainless Steel version; Including Shipment)

1425,00 Euro
(Brass version; Including Shipment)