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micro-seiki.nl “db’s Tribute”


The RX-1500 was sold in many variations. It can be said that it was an upgradable Turntable. Micro Seiki offered many products to do this job.
Micro Seiki.nl offers those products again.


When removing the Motor-unit from the Plinth, you must compensate the loss of weight. That’s why Micro Seiki made the RW-1500.
(RX-1500A model)


When removing the Motor-unit you need a device for housing the Motor-unit. You need the RS-1500 to do this job. (RX-1500A Model)


A big upgrade is by replacing the standard RT-2000 (Aluminum) platter by this RT-2000.
Many very positive feedbacks.

Plinth Stabilizer RW-1500 RS-1500 Platter RT-2000


Micro Seiki offered these R-15 as an upgrade. After installing the R-15, your Turntable becomes a rigid Turntable. Like the more expensive Turntables. (RX-5000 and SX-8000)

Feet R-15


The Ring was offered by Micro Seiki as an upgrade. It purpose is to give the Platter a more stabile speed.

Ring No.1


Ring No. 2 is based on Ring No. 1 and can be used on the standard RX-1500A with separated motor-unit only. It purpose is to give the Platter a more stabile speed.

Ring No.2