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micro-seiki.nl “db’s Tribute”


After some years of making parts, we decided to make more difficult Micro-Seiki parts.

For those special products we found the perfect metal workshop. All “specials” have to be perfect and if possible even better than a original. Only a few will be made every year.

Well....we did it. Our first “Special” received many very good reviews from buyers.


Based on years of experience we decided three years ago to make a 1 on 1 copy of a Micro Seiki turntable. We decided to copy the most beautiful “beast” Micro Seiki ever made. The RX-5000.


After 3 years of preparation, buying the original, 2 trial versions and testing it with 2 other Micro-Seiki Owners we finally did it.


Motor-unit developed and produced by “Dereneville”. The Motor-unit can be used with the RX-1500, RX-2000, RX-3000, RX-5000, RX-5000 Air, SX-5000 MkII, SX-8000 and SX-8000 MkII