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The new Tribute Motor-unit.

On 1 October the new sophisticated Motor Unit Tribute made by Dereneville will be released. The new Dereneville Motor-unit DMS-5001 named "Tribute" could be seen live in Munich at the High End 2018.

The Copper Mat.

After some years of trying we finally did it. The Copper Mat will be released and is an 100% exact copy of the original.


Dereneville from Germany developed a Flightcase for our Tribute Turntable. Beautiful! This Flightcase can be bought seperatly so you can use it for original Micro Seiki turntables as well. It can be used for the RX- 8000, RX-5000, RX-5000 Air, RX-3000 and RX-1500 turntable.


If you have suggesstions for other products, please mail us.


We would like to make an exact copy off the ST-20. Before we can do that we need an original. Could we borrow an original from someone?

Old News.

The CU-180 Copper Mat has been released. (1 october 2018) We are now reselling the “Tribute” Motor-unit made by Dereneville. We found a reseller for SF belts and Rubber Belts. Look under “Shopping” - “Shops” (Baltazar’s Belts Shop) On 20 June 2015 our first new Turntable has been released. The “Tribute” is a tribute for the Micro Seiki’s RX-5000. We have build a dedicated website for this Turntable. Program update: Wrench for the axle RX-1500 and BL-91 Program update: RS-1500. Program update: Pole Caps. Yes, we finally did it. The RT-2000 has been released New product released. (27-07-2012) Platter Ring No.2 New product released. (21-07-2012) Motorbase Stabilizer RS-1550. The R-15 feet are now available in Brass. (11-06-2012) New product released. (20-02-2012) Dust cover C-5000. New product finally released.  (18-02-2012)  Ring No. 1. New product released: Dust cover C-853 (06-12-2011) Variation of the Dust cover C-1000 is now available for other brands. Released: New R-15 Rigid posts for RX-1500. (1 on 1 copy) Reproduction Dust cover C-1000 has started under shop. (Picture shows first sold C-1000) has opened his own shop. (17-04-2011)
News. Old & New.


More products are going to be released. In 2016 we are going to release: Motor-unit for the RX-5000. RY-5500 base. If you have suggestions for other products, please mail me.