895,00 Euro

CU-180; Incl. Shipment
CU-180 Copper Mat.

A short story.

After 3 years of preparation, buying the original, 2 trial versions and testing it with 2 other Micro- Seiki Owners we finally did it. The big problem for making this turntable mat is the thickness. Because it has to have the same thickness as the original, almost all of our trial versions became bended. After developing special tools we can now reproduce a one on one copy of the original. This means: Same dimension, Same weight, Same material, Same surface layout / treatment   The result is breathtaking and as good as the original CU-180.


Micro Seiki proposed a mat turned from copper, the CU-180, which could be used on different turntables. This mat could be covered with an additional mat of felt and this results in more or less the same sound pattern as was given by the Linn LP12 turntable: detailed high frequencies, smooth and fast mid section and transparent bass. The CU-180 could also be used with no additional mat and in that case it would not only add weight to the existing platter, but also would give a clear, no nonsense transient without any phase shift. In that case more attention would have to be paid to the choice of cartridge and arm combination and choice of phono cable. The CU-180 was marketed for several years and was a gadget which was appreciated by many high end audio adepts.


The turntable mat CU-180 will only be made after payment. It takes 2 week for making and testing. After that it will be shipped. Shipment is for free.
Platter Ring - No. 1 & No. 2


Micro Seiki made the Platter ring already 30 years ago. But it was not for sale in every country. We at Micro-Seiki.nl have two Platter Rings in our program. The first is a reproduction of the original Micro Seiki Platter Ring. The second Platter Ring is an adapted version to fit the standard aluminum platter of the RX-1500.

Platter Ring No.1

Platter Ring No. 1 is almost a 1 on 1 copy of the original Micro-Seiki Ring. The dimensions and the weight are the same but not the material. We used Brass. For use with Micro Seiki TT models: RX-5000 SX-777 Air RX-3000 BL-999 S RX-1500G with seperated motor BL-999 SX-1500G with seperated motor BL-111 L BL-101A BL-111 BL-101G BL-101LG BL-101L

Platter Ring No.2.

Ring No. 2 is based on and looks like Platter Ring No.1. But, there is a difference. I decided to make this version for RX-1500 owners who will not or cannot buy the expensive upgrades like a Gunmetal Platter and Platter Ring No.1. Those owners should have a chance to upgrade their beautiful RX-1500 to a much higher level to. This Platter Ring will do this job! Platter Ring No.2 is made of Stainless Steel and weighs 2,95 kg's. IMPORTANT: It can only be used on The RX-1500 with separated motor and the standard aluminum Platter!