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We at are very proud to announce that Dereneville from Germany contacted us for selling their brand new Motor-unit exclusively and also by using the same name as our Turntable. The design is based on the original RY-5500, but the Technic is very advanced.


For the Papst synchronous motor (Type: VDC-3-43.10 937 4310 602), a newly developed and perfectly resonance-optimized housing was developed. Weight: 2.5 kg. (Papst = Name of the brand) Four freely selectable speeds - 33.33 RPM - 45.00 RPM - 78.00 RPM and one extra speed 16,66 RPM. Dimming the display. The dimming values are freely programmable. Pitch Control in 100th, 10th, or in whole increments, within the given speeds of the Papst engine. Custom, freely programmable acceleration and deceleration ramps for different turntable masses, including soft start. Input for an external tacho signal from the turntable, to form a precise, closed loop for maximum synchronization accuracy. Free programmable motion animation from 1 h to 168 h means: automatic, gentle soft start and short run of 1 min. All parameters can be programmed freely using the buttons and display on the display, or quite elegantly with the help of a PC via a USB-II input. The internal memory allows the allocation of three individual and independent memory sets - For example, to use three different drives, to change belts to tape or string, or to alternate use of 3 tonearms / pickup systems. At every time available operating hours – 11 pieces at the number - of the individual sets (system runtime, etc.) Power supply 24 VDC. The complete electronic control is housed in the compact drive unit.

More specific.

The new Dereneville DMS-5001 Tribute Motor-unit offers a unique perspective and user flexibility in turntable motor units. All operational parameters can be set by manually using the push buttons on top of the drive unit. Additionally for convenience, the parameters can also be programmed via computer, with the aid of our specially developed software. The housing of this drive unit, made from high grade Aluminium, is specially designed for the Papst-Synchronous motor VDC-3-43.10 937 4310 602 which allows for a vibration free and low noise operation, thanks to the flexible mounting of the motor itself inside the housing. The complete electronic control unit is safe and EMV tested and is integrated in the housing. The integrated display shows every status and each step during programming by the buttons on top. The brightness value is user adjustable as is the delay time for illumination decay. This new developed drive unit offers three speeds: 33,33 rpm / 45,00 rpm / 78,00 rpm and one hidden speed: 16,66 rpm and a pitch control over a very wide range whilst the turntable is running. This hidden speed of 16,66 rpm offers two advantages: firstly, you can play the old records cut by 16,66; secondly, it lowers the platter to half speed in order to change the record more safely whilst running. By pushing the 33,33 knob once, the speed goes down to 16,66 - and by pushing it again, it will speed up to 33,33 rpm. All speeds can be calibrated with exacting precision in very small steps 1,0 / 0,1 / 0,01 or 0,001 Once the speeds are calibrated, they can be stored in the memory of the electronic board. This is possible for every Set. Usually you only have to adjust the main speed 33,33 rpm. The electronic control unit inside calculates all other speeds exactly. Of course, you can check them and calibrate them individually. The main memory is fragmented in three segments, called: Set 1 / Set 2 / Set 3. This means, that you can illustrate three different, virtual drive units in just one. For example: if you have up to three turntables, then you can use only this one drive unit to play them perfectly, each at a time. Just place the drive unit to that turntable you want to play and recall the set for this turntable. The hours of operating of the three sets will be counted separately, together with the total hours of drive play. Each Set has its own operation hour control and supports the belt and up to three needles. In practice: if you have two or three tone arms mounted at your turntable, all with different cartridges, you can assign them to (PU: Pickup) PU 1, PU 2 and PU 3. This means, that you can monitor operational duration of a single or multiple cartridges, every time you want. This is a useful application to determine stylus degradation over time. You can, for example, program a user-defined time period for oiling the bearing of the turntable. This drive unit will store this and implement it for you. Moreover, you will get the exact time to change the belt or string in the preselected time. Different turntables have different platter weights. Our drive unit offers the best possible approach to generate the perfect time for accelerating and decelerating. This preserves the belt or the string from damage. All values can be programmed separately in each set and they can be stored in the main memory of the electronic unit and also on your computer. This unique feature, along with the other applications, are suitable to programming via computer. The connection has to be made via USB-II cable. Our -motion animation- means you can program any number of individual times from 1 hour up to 7 days to run the turntable, for example 1 minute or more, at a lower speed. This ensures that the oil in the platter bearing will be evenly shared and the belt or string will find another position, preventing damage to the turntable and belt. This drive unit works only with 22 to 24 VDC. A special analogue Power supply is installed in the housing. The complete electronic control unit is integrated on board the drive unit. This high-end drive unit is manufactured and assembled in Germany and conforms to RoHs standards and correlates with the European CE and the FCC in the United States.

The World-première.

The new Dereneville Motor-unit DMS-5001 named "Tribute" could be seen live in Munich at the High End 2018 (10.05.2018 / 13.05.2018 - Hall 2; F02/G03)
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Motor-unit Tribute. Micro Seiki RY-5500

New reproduced Cups for the RX-1500


Two versions are available. Aluminum version. (Like the original) Brass version. Both versions have the same measurements like the original. The reason for making a brass version as well is because I sell the R-15 feet in a brass version. Many people who buy the R-15 brass version want the Cups in brass to. For those RX-1500 owners whose original Cups are damaged. They can now repair there RX-1500.

365,00 Euro

(Brass version; Including Shipment)

275,00 Euro

(Aluminum version; Including Shipment)